Details for the RFK stadium campus plans emerge

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New details have emerged about the plans in store for the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium located in Washington, D.C. along the Anacostia River.

There are two major plans being presented, one includes a football stadium, and the other does not. A huge announcement is planned for next week and several city leaders who have been briefed on the plans seem to be very happy about it, another says she loves it.

The 190 acre area that sits along the Anacostia River is wasted space and needs to be developed. The plans call for the massive parking lots to go away as well, maybe to be replaced by soccer fields, open recreational spaces or even an amphitheater.

For years many have complained about the runoff from the parking lots going right into the river and FOX5 is told that there are plans to develop those areas so that the public has access to it. One leader said maybe even volleyball courts.

On Friday, Mayor Bowser asked about the site, and said she would like to see it developed soon, she also said she wouldn't mind see shopping and dining there as well.

Event DC will not show their plans for the space but they did say that leaders have already seen the plans and once they are done making the final tweaks, a big presentation will be made on Monday to the public.
Council member Jack Evans said "don't expect the big announcement to include the Redskins saying they're moving to DC, that's not going to happen."

We will update you Monday when we hear the big announcement!