Deputy saves choking 12-day-old infant after stopping speeding vehicle

New dramatic footage shows the moment a South Carolina deputy stepped in to save a newborn's life after choking on milk.

The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office posted video to their Facebook page of heroic moment.

On June 11, Deputy W. Kimbro was patrolling in the Summerville area when he pulled over a speeding car. The driver immediately jumped out and explained they were rushing the child to get medical care because she had stopped breathing.

According to the girl's mother, the infant was in her bassinet sleeping when she went to go take a shower. The woman's stepmother alerted her when she said that the baby was choking on what might have been milk.

That's when Deputy Kimbro went above and beyond his badge.

Kimbro began checking for a pulse and patting the little girl's chest in an effort to get her to cry and make sure she could breathe.

"Her lips are a little blue, I'm worried about her circulation," Kimbro could be heard telling another deputy.

"Come on, come on baby. She's breathing as long as she's crying like that she's breathing but I'm worried about her because it looks like she's going in and out," he continued.

At one point, the deputy says he couldn't feel a heartbeat and that she had lost a pulse several times.

"The mother told the Deputy the baby stopped breathing after drinking a bottle," the sheriff's office wrote on Facebook. "Deputy Kimbro took the baby's limp and cyanotic body and performed lifesaving first aid. As a result, he was able to get the baby to breathe again until EMS could arrive."

After several agonizing minutes, emergency medical help arrived and took over. Thanks to Deputy Kimbro, the baby, named Riley, was able to live.

"He was awarded the "Life-Saving Medal" from Sheriff Lewis for his heroic actions that day. Well done!"

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