Deputies buy car seats for mother

One of the Douglas County Highway Enforcement and Aggressive Traffic units observed and stopped a vehicle for a speeding violation.

According to the Douglas County Sheriff's Facebook page, upon making contact with the female driver of the vehicle, the deputy noticed that there were three children in the back of the vehicle, an eight month old, a one-year old, and a two-year old, which were not buckled and restrained in the car properly.

The eight-month old and one-year old were in a child safety seat that did not have any retention straps equipped on the seats in which they were sitting and was not secured properly to the vehicle. The two-year old was sitting in the middle of the other two children and was not secured properly either.

After the mother attempted calls to numerous people and found that no one was willing or able to help her. Deputy Atkins instructed for her to wait with Deputy Roberson and Deputy Stoyles while he went and purchased three new child car seats for the children at a local Wal-Mart.

While driving back to the traffic stop location both Deputy Roberson and Deputy Stoyles advised Deputy Atkins that they would each pay for a seat also.

Deputy Atkins arrived back on scene and all three deputies installed the seats properly and instructed the mother on how to properly secure a car seat in a vehicle for her children. The children were now secured safely in the vehicle and the mother was released with warning citations.

Thank You to Deputy Atkins, Deputy Roberson, and Deputy Stoyles for going above and beyond to help this family.