Defying doctors, boy with rare bone disease celebrates 8th birthday

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"Doctors told me Amere wasn't going to make it past 4 years old."

But on Tuesday, Grenisha King was able to celebrate her son's 8th birthday with cake and balloons. Amere smiled in school as his classmates sang to him.

Amere has a rare form of brittle bone disease known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Some days are tougher than others when the pain is almost unbearable.

"It has been hard; it has been hard a road," King says. "Over 400 visits in the hospital, five intubations, eight pneumonias; lifting him in the car seat for over seven years in my life. There's been times I put my own health on the line for Amere. As God as my witness, if I could give all my bones to Amere for my son to come and walk to me, something he never did in life, I will."

With no support, no ramp and not even a wheelchair for her son - King came to FOX 2 and we put out the call. She says the response from the community has been overwhelming.

Troy Home Depot donated wood for a ramp, and a man named Scott Newport went to work to build it.

After FOX 2's story aired, Amere was able to get his first motorized wheelchair, portable chair for the tub and special cushions to support his fragile body. Not to mention, the financial support has helped this mother make ends meet.

"Everything been wonderful," King says. "The support, people reaching out. Amere never had a ramp, never had a chair, never had anything. But once I got with FOX 2 people have been reaching out."

About two months ago, after hundreds of visits, Amere decided he didn't want to go to the hospital anymore. He has been in home hospice now.

King says her son has no intentions of giving up because no one has given up on him.

"People bring joy to him, people bring joy to others," she says. "As long as he's happy, I can keep a smile on his face. I'm happy."

On their wish list right now is a special vehicle to accommodate Amere and his special needs and more research for his disease that will eventually lead to a cure.

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