Decomposing body found in Detroit home by possible buyer, tenants didn't know it was there

Police say a prospective home buyer made a gruesome discovery Thursday afternoon when a mummified and badly decomposed body was found inside a car in the home.

The home in the 19900 block of Spencer on Detroit's east side was up for sale. The prospective home buyer was walking through the home when they discovered a dust-covered car in the garage.

The early 1990s Plymouth Acclaim had been parked there for at least a year. When they opened the car, they made the terrible discovery of the decomposing and mummified body.

"It's scary now. It's real scary now," Cindy Johnson said. "It's right across the street."

The home was occupied and the people who lived in the home said they had no idea a dead body was in the garage. They told FOX 2 they never went inside the old garage. They would not go on camera.

Johnson lives across the street and was speechless.

"I've seen people walking past...I've seen my neighbors, but I don't know nothing, I ain't see nothing," Johnson said.

Detroit police are waiting to see what medical examiners are able to figure out about this unrecognizable body. They're also trying to track down records of who lived in the home in the past and who the car was registered to.