DEBATE: The cupcake, or the cupcake sandwich?

Which is better: the cupcake... or the cupcake SANDWICH? The delicious debate isn't really new, but the sandwich version is popping up more and more.

So which is better? It's really all in how you want to eat it. Some expert tasters (READ: the FOX 5 newsroom) say it's actually easier to eat the sandwich-- because the frosting stays in the middle. CLICK ON THE VIDEO ABOVE TO WATCH OUR OWN TONY PERKINS AND PRODUCER TERRI TOLLIVER TRY IT. (Hint: One of them has done this before....)

Wanna try the sandwich? Here's how it's done:

1. Unwrap your cupcake.

2. Rip the bottom half of the cake off (but do it like you mean it, or it'll end up a mess and you'll be forced to lick your fingers. Let's face it, there are worse things).

3. Flip it over, and put the bottom half of the cupcake on top of the frosting (the bottom of your cupcake is now on top, and the frosting is in the middle).

4. Smush it together (that's the sandwich).

5. EAT.

That's the part we're REALLY good at.