Death of missing zebra in Prince George's County took nearly one month to be made public

One of the zebras that went missing from a farm in Prince George's County was found dead nearly a month ago, a development that only became public Thursday night.

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Three zebras, originally reported to be five, escaped from their enclosure at a private farm near Bellefield Road and Duley Station Road in Upper Marlboro in late August.

Since then, FOX 5 viewers have sent in multiple photos and videos of the zebras walking through backyards, fields and streets around the area.

The Department of Natural Resources Police found one of the zebras deceased and ensnared in an illegal trap on Sept. 16.

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Police say they didn't release anything about the death because they were only responsible for investigating the trap and any reporting on the zebra was the county's responsibility.

However, the county's department of environment tells FOX 5 they didn't find out about the zebra's death until Sept. 28. After getting more inquiries, they released the information Thursday night.

Residents who spoke with FOX 5 say they want answers about the trap and to make sure the two zebras still on the loose are okay.

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"Kind of disappointed," says Chris Horrell. "I don’t know if that trap was out for them. I hope it wasn’t. But if it was, I think they should just let them be."

"Why would you try and catch them in an illegal trap?" says Keith Turner, who spotted the zebras on Sept. 17. "Knowing no one is going to do something to hurt them. Makes no sense at all."


Officials say they're committed to safely bringing back the two remaining zebras and urge residents to call animal control if they spot one.

They also say once the zebras are back, they'll consider whether or not any charges would apply.