'Death investigation' underway as 2 people found dead in DC house fire, officials say

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A death investigation is underway after two people were found dead inside a burning home in Southeast. Firefighters say they were called early Saturday morning, shortly after 6 a.m.

Investigators are now questioning the circumstances surrounding the fire and the deceased bodies.

Officials say a man and a woman were found dead inside the home.

Neighbors tell FOX 5 off camera, several people lived at the house on the 3300 block of Ely Place. Saturday morning, the white house with black shutters was completely destroyed.

"When we arrived we found fire on the first floor of this one story house with a basement. As we began to attack the fire, one of the firefighters fell through floor. A 'mayday' was declared. Fortunately he was recovered without any injuries. Unfortunately during the search of the home, we discovered two fatalities, one in the basement and one in the first floor," said Vito Maggiolo with D.C. Fire and EMS.

Maggiolo says it's unclear if the victims were killed by the fire or something else.

"We are working to confirm whether those injuries took place as a result of the fire or possibly something that happened beforehand. Our investigators are here, we're very preliminary stages of investigation," said Maggiolo.

Officials tell FOX 5, it took at least 80 firefighters to put out the fire out.

While the fire's cause remains under investigation, D.C. police confirm the deceased bodies found are now classified as a "death investigation."

FOX 5 has learned a second small also took place at the same time, a block away on D Street.