DC's push for control over RFK stadium site advances

Legislation is in the works by the Republican House Oversight Committee chair to give the District of Columbia more control over the RFK site, FOX 5 confirmed Friday. 

The legislation has not been introduced, but a spokesperson for James Comer (R-Ky.) says "He is interested in working with [D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser] and the city on a wide variety of issues, including the RFK stadium site. Committee staff continue to have fruitful discussions with the mayor’s team and other stakeholders on these issues."

WASHINGTON,DC-MARCH 28: Mayor Muriel Bowser has presented a proposal for a new Sports Complex on the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium site in Washington, DC on March 28, 2022. Mayor Bowser has asked Congress to transfer the RFK campus to the Distri

Currently, the RFK site is leased by the District on land owned by the federal government.

The lease expires in 2037.

The passage of this legislation would not guarantee a stadium is built, but it would ensure D.C. has a seat at the table as Maryland, D.C., and Virginia vie to be the new home of the Washington Commanders.


Washington Commanders supporting efforts by DC to get control of RFK Stadium site

The Washington Commanders say they are supporting efforts by the District of Columbia to get control of the RFK Stadium site that used to be the NFL team's home.

Mayor Bowser has continually said she thinks the team belongs in D.C. but needs long-term control over the land on which RFK sits.

At a House Oversight Committee hearing in May, mainly about D.C. crime, Bowser and Comer struck conciliatory tones on RFK.

"We can work together to re-imagine RFK. The RFK campus can help us shape our future for both sport and a mix of uses including housing and jobs," Bowser said in her opening remarks.

"You have a lot of big issues coming forward: opportunities in Washington D.C., a new arena. I know that would require some type of legislative assistance. That’s something that we would pledge to work with you and your office on. Something that I think would be beneficial to the city," Comer said at the conclusion of the hearing.

FOX 5 will stay ahead of any developments with this potential legislation.