DC woman says she was beaten by group of girls in unprovoked attack

A D.C. woman said a group of girls beat her up on the street this weekend in an unprovoked attack that left her bloody and bruised.

Christy Mcpeek said she was walking at around 11:30 p.m. Saturday on 2nd Street in the Eckington neighborhood of Northeast D.C. near her home.

"I saw there was a group of young girls," Mcpeek said. "I really didn't think that much of it."

She said out of nowhere, one of the girls ran up behind her and shoved her. Mcpeek said after she got up, the girls taunted her and asked her what time it was.

"And I just didn't say anything," Mcpeek said. "The girl who pushed me initially pushed me again. Same scenario, super hard. I fell again."

She said the girls began kicking and punching her while she was on the ground. Mcpeek said there were five to seven African American girls who looked to be 15 to 17 years old. After a few minutes of beating her, she said they took her cell phone and ran off.

"It is emotional," Mcpeek said tearing up. "It's emotional because it happened so close to my home. It's also conflicting because it was girls. It was young girls who did this."

She said she went to a neighbor's house, called police and then went to urgent care to treat a bloody lip and a lot of cuts and bruises.

Mcpeek posted about what happened on the neighborhood website Nextdoor and quickly got feedback from neighbors who think they have encountered the teenagers before.

That includes Bryan Kidd who said that earlier on Saturday, he heard a knock on the door and opened it to see a group of girls across the street.

"They turned around and threw a rock back at us," Kidd said. "And what they said was, 'If we come to your house on Halloween, will you give us candy?' Just like, what does that mean? And that was it."

D.C. police said they are investigating what happened and have made no arrests.