“DC To-GoGo” app encouraged as restaurants brace for indoor dining shutdown

District officials and local restauranteurs are promoting a newer DC-focused order and delivery app to help struggling businesses that may soon take another hit when the D.C. mayor’s new coronavirus order banning indoor dining takes effect.

The newer app is called "DC To-Gogo" and can be downloaded on an Apple or Android device.

Shaw’s Tavern is one of the businesses participating.

FOX 5 spoke to General Manager Rob Heim about the app on the heels of the indoor dining suspension.

"Obviously we’re going to be closed for Christmas Eve for indoor dining and then going forward, which is very difficult for business like us. We’re hoping for warm days for business outside," said Heim.

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DC Mayor Muriel Bowser released an updated coronavirus order on Friday that bans indoor dining for around three weeks, starting on December 23rd. The order is expected to last until January 15th.

That’s why on Saturday, the Shaw’s Tavern GM pulled up a chair to show FOX 5 the full Holiday three-course meals customers can now order for delivery or pick-up on "DC To-GoGo."

Shaw’s Tavern works with Grubhub and Uber Eats, but Heim and DC leaders are also asking customers to consider "DC To-GoGo."

"DC To-Gogo" is a newer order and delivery app that is supposed to encourage more local spending. FOX 5 is told only DC residents are supposed to be employed as drivers.

Adam Frye is the "DC To-GoGo" app co-founder.

"Obviously there’s the fee cap right now in existence but through that, our fees top out at 15% and actually go lower from there in contract to other platforms that tend to use, up to 30% fees," said Frye, when asked how the app helps local businesses.

Frye, who's also in the restaurant business, explained how not all DC restaurants have had success switching to delivery as the pandemic rages on.

"It’s hard. I mean especially for a lot of the really independent restaurants," Frye said. "Specifically in D.C., they’re built around community and about – around people finding and gathering places -- more than just the good food. Obviously there’s plenty of that. It’s more than just the drinks. But finding community in an otherwise a very transplant-centered city. So not being able to provide that for customers right now is really challenging."

He's hoping to share more of that family dining experience with the Holiday meal option. You can find whose selling meals in the "Holiday" and "Christmas To-GoGo" sections of the app.

The DC To Go Go app

DC’s Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development is also promoting DC the app as a way to keep more money in the District.

"We know they’ve had to make pivots throughout the pandemic," said DC’s Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development  (DMPED), John Falcicchio, who backed the Mayor’s indoor dining ban. Falcicchio called it a needed "pause in activity" to get ahead of the virus spread in the District.

"We have packages for two people, or four or six that can be picked up or delivered on Christmas Eve. What you’re looking at, some of the things here, our pork tenderloin. Our smoked salmon," Heim sadi.

Heim told FOX 5 that "We’re going to be struggling but we’re … we want to be able to provide great food for people. And I hope that people will continue to support restaurants like ours as we go through these next few weeks."

The app also includes other food and alcohol options. At the moment, we’re told there are nine different restaurants participating in the Holiday meal order.

If any businesses owners would like to participate, city officials say you can sign up on the app’s website.

Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development also announced Shopinthedistrict.com to assist the District’s struggling retailers.