DC school bus driver suspended after allegedly recording child while driving

Video posted online of a child screaming and acting out on a school bus is causing controversy.

The video was posted to a school bus driver group on Facebook by a woman named Vonetta Mack.

She asked the group: 'What Would You Do?'

According to her Facebook page, she works for the District of Columbia Public Schools.

In the comments of the post, several people pointed out that she should be fired because she's clearly using her phone while driving a bus with students onboard.

Mack argues that she wasn't holding the phone even though you can allegedly see in the shadow that she's recording the child using selfie-mode.

On Thursday, the Office of the State Superintendent of Education responded with a statement:

"This morning, OSSE was made aware, by several concerned individuals, that one of our school bus drivers posted a video of a student being transported. We have initiated a full investigation and have taken immediate HR action. Both the bus driver and the attendant in that video have been placed on administrative leave and are not transporting children. We apologize to this student and family for the actions of our staff members and will ensure that all staff are retrained on driver conduct, student safety and behavior management, and student privacy. OSSE does not, under any circumstances, condone our staff sharing unauthorized videos of our students or failing to ensure student safety. It is a violation of OSSE policy and the privacy rights of our students - two areas upon which our staff are rigorously trained. At OSSE, we put our students first, and will not tolerate conduct that jeopardizes their safety and protection."