DC restaurants donating portion of profits raised during inauguration weekend to charity

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The inauguration for president-elect Donald Trump is only few weeks away and the big event will provide plenty of opportunity for D.C. businesses. But some restaurants are doing something a little different for this inauguration and will donate some of their profits to charity.

Some of these business owners weren't necessarily happy about the way the election turned out. But instead of taking an ardent political stand, they came up with an idea that is all about inclusion.

About 20 restaurants, bars and coffee shops came up with a campaign called All in Service DC. They are celebrating diversity by giving back to local organizations that help the community thrive.

So if you eat or drink at some of these places during inauguration weekend, you will benefit organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Mary's Center, Thrive DC and many others. Some of the charities help out homeless families with education, health care and social services.

"Some of us weren't too excited about what was going to be happening with the inauguration, but we knew it was an opportunity to show our best face for the city and to also really connect with everyone who kind of felt similarly," said David Fritzler, coffee and beverage director for Tryst in Adams Morgan. "For us, it's just a way to really do what we do and kind of double down on what we are giving in the process."

The restaurant group behind Tryst is asking for individual donations and whichever business raises the most money, the company as a whole will match those donations. Each business will get to choose the non-profit they want to work with.

Business owners are inviting others in the service industry to join them too. If you want to get involved or see the list of D.C. businesses participating in this campaign and the charities they are supporting, go to www.allinservicedc.com