DC restaurant offers discount for customers who have received traffic tickets

Washington D.C. is known for raking in millions of dollars in speed camera tickets every year. In fact, the city is known for having some of the most traffic cameras in the country. But one D.C. restaurant owner is trying to ease that pain in the wallet.

Tickets from traffic cameras in the District can be steep depending on the offense, which can be up to $300. Michael Sterling is trying to take the sting out of traffic tickets by giving his customers a discount at his Caribbean-style restaurant.

"Caribbean citations - where we turn a traffic ticket into a meal ticket," Sterling said.

Multiple people file into his Anacostia restaurant every day with tickets in hand.

"Speeding cameras, parking, jaywalking, any type of ticket that you have from anywhere, we'll take it," said Sterling.

The ticket will get you a few dollars off any item on the menu. Sterling said when he moved here from Detroit, he was shocked at the number of traffic cameras and the amount of the fines, which is what gave him the idea.

"They are making money, the city is making money and guess who is losing? People like me and innocent bystanders who are probably just trying to rush to work," he said.

It appears Sterling has garnered quite the reputation in the community. He said business is good and hopes to open additional restaurants with the same concept.

He said the amount of money the city takes in is what keeps him motivated.

Last year, the city took in more than $50 million in speed camera tickets.