DC residents unhappy with rotting Christmas trees still not picked up by city

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The city says snow removal comes first. That is the message from the District government when it comes to a glimpse of Christmas past along many D.C. streets.

Old, rotting Christmas trees are starting to annoy many residents because the city hasn't picked them up.

It is already near the end of January and the holidays are long over, lights have been taken down, ornaments have been put away, but some people are upset because their old Christmas tree still sits on the curb out in front of their homes.

They were once so pretty, but a month later, they sit rotting on the curb.

They have become an eyesore, according to D.C. resident Jackie Spinler.

"Dogs are peeing on them and they are stinky," she said. "It's not very nice."

But Leslie Phillips has a different outlook.

"I like to see the trees," Phillips said. "It's a nice remnant of Christmas and thinking about the cozy fires."

From Glover Park to Riggs Park to Logan Circle and Bloomingdale, Christmas trees are everywhere with needles barely holding on -- just waiting to be picked up.

Linda Duval says many trees have sat here all month.

"We thought we would put them out because they were coming to get them," said Duval. "In fact, the last time they came to get the trash, I watched to see if the trash man would go out front and get the Christmas trees, but they didn't."

The D.C. Department of Public Works says blame it on the snow. Although we have had very little this month, DPW says it has had to suspend tree removal several times.

But not all are buying the excuse.

"We have had a lot of really nice days too," said Spinler. "I don't know. Yeah, people say that. There was a holiday -- there is always some reason I guess."

Removal service has been halted. DPW says when the snow and ice are cleared from the roads, the trees should follow.

"As far as problems in D.C. go, it's pretty minor," said Phillips.

There has been some confusion about where to put your tree. D.C. officials say put your tree where your trash is normally picked up.

The policy of putting trees in front of your house changed a few years ago.