DC ranks 6th on list of US cities that swear the most

Washingtonians sure know a thing or two about profanity according to a new study that ranked the nation's capital number sixth on a list of U.S. cities that swear the most.

Preply, an online language specialization company, says they surveyed over 1,500 residents of 30 major U.S. cities and say people in Washington, D.C. swear an average of 22 times per day.

That's just above Preply's national average of 21 times per day.

The study says the average American starts using cuss words at age 11. The most taboo situations that Americans are most likely to swear in include at work, in front of strangers, and at the dinner table, the survey says. The data also says over half of Americans use swear word substitutions —including favorites like "fudge," "shoot" and "frick" – instead of the real thing.

The 'Gen Z' demographic uses profanity an average of 24 times per day compared to the 'baby boomer' generation which swears just 10 times per day.

The study also finds that men blaspheme 22 times each day compared with just 18 times a day for women.

Topping the list – residents of Columbus, Ohio who curse 36 times a day, according to the study. Residents of Phoenix, Arizona and Portland, Oregon area least likely to cuss - using swear words just 14 times per day according to the list.

The survey also finds that most of the profanity is self-directed with Americans swearing at themselves 54 percent of the time.

The most common ways Americans use swear words include when they accidentally hurt themselves, expressing road rage, receiving good and bad news, making a joke, and arguing.

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