DC police recall investigation of Rayful Edmond, as legendary drug kingpin seeks early release

The stories surrounding D.C. drug kingpin Rayful Edmond are legendary.

The notorious trafficker who made millions selling cocaine is now hoping to earn his freedom after cooperating with federal prosecutors.

Edmond ran his drug operation from 1985 to 1989, and he stashed millions of dollars in cash across the street and in two other houses in Northeast and Prince George's County.

However, police were able to infiltrate Edmond's organization through an undercover cop named "Jimmy."

The undercover officer told D.C. police that Edmond's operation was very organized, saying that if he ran a business, it would among the top 10 in the U.S.

According to veteran homicide detective Mitch Credle, "Jimmy" was very effective.

"First of all he was street savvy he made a buy right here on the street out in front of the house right here and that's how he was able to get inside the game--there were times when he was inside the house as he reported he seen $3 million being counted by money machines and put in suitcases," Credle said.

"Jimmy" declined to give his name or tell his story for FOX 5 on camera, but he says that, along the way, he witnessed a murder and personally heard Edmond order them.

The cocaine was transported into the District via U-Haul trucks or Winnebagos.

"Yes, it was stacked from every inch of the U-Haul and Winnebagos were stacked with cocaine - kilos of cocaine," Credle said.

Credle says "Jimmy" even witnessed Edmond on a shopping spree in Georgetown Park.

"And Rayful paid the security guards ten thousand dollars each to shut down the mall and Rayful just went on a big shopping spree and was buying things for other people who were inside the mall," Credle said.

But now, prosecutors say Edmond deserves an early release because of his extensive cooperation with the government.

"He believes he has served and we believe that he has served and paid his debt to society," said Defense Attorney Jason Downs.

Edmond, who has been in prison since 1989 is 54 years old. His cooperation previously led to his own mother's release from prison.

It is widely believed that Edmond is in the Bureau of Prisons witness protection program.