DC mother charged with 2-month-old Kyon Jones' murder released from jail

The D.C. mother arrested for murder and tampering with evidence following the disappearance of her two-month-old son was released from jail after a Saturday arraignment hearing. 

Court information online shows 38-year-old Ladonia Boggs as being released without bond to D.C.’s Pretrial Services Agency. 

Boggs was arrested on a warrant Friday in connection with the disappearance of her two-month-old son, Kyon Jones. As of Sunday morning, D.C. Police told FOX 5 the infant’s remains still have not been found. 

A Pretrial Services Agency (PSA) spokesperson for the District of Columbia told FOX 5 on Sunday that Boggs was directed to immediately verify her address with PSA, stay away from minors under the age of 18 unless there’s adult supervision, and that GPS monitoring was not a condition of her release. 


New court documents released with Saturday’s arraignment hearing say Boggs gave conflicting accounts of what happened to both Kyon Jones’ father and police. 

The mother first told the infant’s father around May 5th that Kyon would be gone "for a long time" because DC Child and Family Services (CPS) took him. Court documents say the father reached-out to the agency trying to confirm this. 

Investigators also noted that at one point, Boggs told detectives she did not want her baby because of what she and the child’s father were going through. 

On Saturday, May 8th, police say the Northeast DC mother called detectives to speak with them once more and admitted to sleeping in a bed with her son, and with the child "between her and a wall."

Boggs also said she woke with her stomach on top of her child, Kyon. 

Boggs told investigators she found Kyon unresponsive and in another interview, said she panicked. 

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The Northeast mother admitted to disposing the baby in a dumpster.  Court documents also say Boggs admitted to being under the influence of PCP and hallucinations at the time. 

DC police say Boggs gave a similar story to a news station and a D.C. missing persons advocate a day later.

In that interview, Boggs reportedly said she fell asleep with her son on her chest, "rolled over, and noticed the baby was unresponsive." 

The D.C. missing persons advocate, Henderson Long, live-streamed this interview on his Facebook page, telling FOX 5 they never expected the mother to say what she said. 

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"I went outside, I came back in the house and got a blanket and his car seat and wrapped it up and took it outside and just [threw] it in the trash," said Boggs, slowly. 

"The mom is still walking around breathing. We still walking around talking about it. This baby’s whereabouts and what he went through, God only knows," Long said. "For crimes like this, I just don’t think you should be released back into the public. That’s just my opinion. You know, um, and as I told you before, earlier, this is not a witch hunt against the mom. I’m hoping that she receives due process."

Longwas also highly critical of what he called a lack of strong laws in the District when it comes to not immediately reporting missing children. Henderson urged anyone with information on Kyon or the whereabouts of his remains to help police and come forward. 


Court documents say Boggs retracted her statement that she was high on PCP at the time of her arrest. 

The infant’s father told detectives that Boggs’ drug use recently became worse but that he never observed the Northeast D.C. mother acting physically abusive toward her children. 

"… he believed that the Defendant loved the decedent, and that shew as not the kind of person who would hurt the decedent or throw the decedent in the trash to get back at him," a court document reads. 

Boggs is due back in court again on November 19th. No one answered at her Benning Rd. Northeast home on Sunday morning.