DC mom gives birth in car

A D.C. newborn couldn't wait to make her appearance in the world.

Brianna Cunningham and her mother, Dannett, were headed to George Washington University Hospital for delivery on Thursday.

But three minutes into the drive, baby Brooke was born in the front seat of the car.

"At first, she screamed, 'I need drugs.' And then, a few seconds later, she was sort of calm and said, 'Mom, her head's out.' And I looked and all I see is hair," said Dannett Cunningham, the baby's grandmother.

By that time, Dannett was on the line with a 911 operator who told her to get paper towels and a shoestring.

Dannett was wearing flip flops, so she flagged down a passerby wearing lace up shoes outside Barry Farm Recreation Center in Southeast D.C.

"I started unlacing [her shoes] and I said, 'I'll give you a new pair. I'll make sure you get my number.' And I definitely still have to get her a new pair," said Dannett Cunningham.

Meanwhile, the baby's mother remained calm throughout the entire ordeal.

"The most of the pain was really in the house before we got in the car because I couldn't get comfortable," said Brianna Cunningham.

Mom and baby rested comfortably in the hospital Friday afternoon.

Brooke's family is now considering middle names like Miracle or possibly Kia, which was the kind of car they were driving in.