DC middle school students have sneakers stolen by thieves in SUV: police

Authorities say three D.C. middle school students had their sneakers stolen on campus by a group of thieves in an SUV.

Officers say it happened around 4 p.m. Friday at Eliot-Hines Middle School in the northeast.

According to a police report, three male suspects got out of the vehicle, walked onto school grounds, and demanded that the students give up their shoes.

The students compiled, and the robbers took off down 16th Street in their vehicle. The victims ten went back inside the building and reported the incident.

In a letter to the school community, Principal Marlene Magrino said the thieves brandished firearms but police say it is unclear if the suspect had weapons.

The school said any students were outside were escorted back in and safely dismissed to their parent or guardian.

"I recognize this is a distressing and frightening event. Coping with the effects of neighborhood violence and conflict is a challenging experience for students, and we want to support our community when such events occur," Magrino said in the letter. "We will support the students who experienced this alarming incident, and ongoing support will be available to any student needing time or space to process recent incidents in our community."

Magrino said anyone with questions or concerns can contact the school office.