DC love story: Local couple finds love on the Metro

When local Instagram blogger Chris Raleigh decided to propose to the woman he loves, he wanted to share it with the entire District.

Raleigh and Jane Rabinowicz have been chronicling their adventures on the WMATA rails, and the drinks they’ve enjoyed along the way, for three years.

The pair met online, and then began their journey linking the Metro and their love of sharing drinks in D.C.

Last week – they sealed deal when Raleigh proposed to Rabinowicz at the Rhode Island Avenue-Brentwood Metro station.

“I wanted it to be a love letter not only to Jane, but also to the Metro, and to the city,” Raleigh said.

“It’s really been just silly and fun how many people are excited for us and that people think it’s just a fun story. It feels like we’ve ridden the Metro so many times together that it feels like a private thing that we just do all the time, so it’s funny that other people just think it’s a fun story,” Rabinowicz said.

Rabinowicz says she thought Raleigh was in Arlington at the time, so his appearance at the station was a surprise.

“It’s surprising – and awesome,” Rabinowicz said. “He had many plans laid – and I’m still learning all tricks he had planned.”