DC library public safety director resigns after deadly shooting at Anacostia branch

The director of public safety at D.C. Public Library has resigned following a deadly shooting. 

According to a D.C. Public Library spokesperson, Douglass Morency was working the day special police officer 25-year-old Maurice Manyan was killed at the Anacostia branch. 

Retired D.C. Police Lieutenant Jesse Porter shot her at the end of a training session on Aug. 4. After the shooting, Police Chief Robert Contee III explained that the incident happened during an ASP Baton training being conducted inside a meeting room in the library. 

The training was being conducted by Porter who was contracted by the library's special police to train their officers. It's still unclear what exactly led to the shooting.

Officials say Morency submitted his resignation in a letter that same night. 

FOX 5 has learned that his last day with D.C. Public Library is Aug. 18.