DC is one of the 'healthiest' places to watch the Super Bowl, according to survey

41% of people say they overate on Super Bowl Sunday, according to a new survey. But residents in D.C. opt for healthier choices on game day. 

An analysis of Google search data found the Washington, D.C. is the third-healthiest place to watch the Super Bowl in 2023. D.C. searches for "healthy Super Bowl recipes" more than the rest of the country, beat out for the top healthiest cities by Denver and Seattle. 

Top Super Bowl snacks for the rest of the country include meatballs, guacamole and chips and salsa. But in neighboring Virginia and Maryland, their top Super Bowl Sunday appetizer is buffalo wings. 

So where is the least healthy cities to watch the Super Bowl? New York City, Los Angeles and Houston serve up the most junk food.