DC has best public transportation, according to study

According to a new study, Washington, D.C. ranks higher than Philadelphia and New York for best public transportation. 

Moving company Hire a Helper analyzed government data and ranked cities with the best public transportation right now – and D.C. topped the list at number 1. 

Hire a Helper based their ranking on information from the Federal Transit Administration and the U.S. Census in 2021, focusing on factors such as commute time, share of workers who use private transportation, diversity of time people leave for work and population density. 

According to the study, there are 22.2 annual public transit trips per D.C. resident.  D.C. has a lower share of workers who take public transportation, 4.1%, compared to New York's 19%. But D.C. outranks both Philly and New York in ADA-accessible stations at 93.8%. 


Metro to install cameras on buses aimed at ticketing cars who park in bus lanes

After announcing a crackdown on fare evasion late last year, Metro is taking aim at ticketing another transit problem: clogged bus lanes.