DC COVID-19 vaccine data shows racial disparity among Black, Hispanic residents

DC Health has released data for the District detailing how many residents have received the COVID-19 vaccine, which includes the race and ethnicity breakdown. According to that data, white, non-Hispanic and other races and ethnicities are receiving the vaccine in D.C. at a greater rate than Black and Hispanic residents.

The data shows that 17,520 white people have received the vaccine in some capacity, along with 25,463 non-Hispanic residents and 23,551 residents categorized as "other."

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Black residents that have received the vaccine in some capacity totals 9,967 and Hispanic residents total 1,625.

DC Health says race and ethnicity information comes from self-reporting or health records and are often incomplete. Their website also totals missing race data at 11,380 and missing ethnicity data at 35,965.

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In the District and across the country, officials say demand for the vaccine is much higher than the supply they are getting in from the federal government right now.

The health department says if you tried to previously get an appointment and did not receive confirmation you should register again.