DC Councilmember Jack Evans apologizes to colleagues in private meeting amid ethics probe

DC Councilmember Jack Evans, who is under federal investigation in a widening ethics probe, used a private meeting with his fellow councilmembers to apologize Tuesday.

Some of the councilmembers FOX 5 talked to declined to give specifics about the meeting but Ward 4 councilmember Brendan Todd said Evans was there to say he was sorry.

"He said, 'Colleagues, I hate that we are bringing this type of scrutiny to our body,' and he was very apologetic," said Todd.

Mary Cheh says when one councilmember decided to ask Evans a question, she left the room with two other councilmembers.

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They all returned later to discuss the subpoena that the U.S. Attorney's Office has sent to all councilmembers, Mayor Muriel Bowser, as well as law firms and businesses in the city.

Cheh says investigators are asking for information on Evans beginning in January 2014.

The Ward 2 councilmember is facing a reprimand from the city council and an ethics probe from Metro where Evans serves as chairman of the board.

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Last week, he issued a public apology:

"I would just like to say, in retrospect, I would have done a lot of things different -- certainly made some major mistakes and I want to take this opportunity to apologize to my constituents, and the residents of the District of Columbia and my colleagues".

FOX 5 went to Evans' office Tuesday for comment but the councilmember declined through a spokesperson.