DC Councilman Jack Evans apologizes amid mounting ethics questions

DC Councilman Jack Evans is facing allegations that he used his office and government email accounts to seek jobs with law firms doing business with the city. Now, Phil Mendelson, the chairman of the DC Council, wants Evans reprimanded, but others are demanding even stronger action.

It wasn't clear if Evans would address the mounting allegations he's facing Tuesday, but as he got up from a DC Council breakfast meeting, he walked into the hall - stopped - and had this to say…

"I'd just like to say that in retrospect, I would have done a lot of things different. I've certainly made some major mistakes and I want to take this opportunity to apologize to my constituents, to the residents of the District of Columbia and to my colleagues," said Evans.

Despite his troubles, Evans is not without support on the council. Earlier, fellow councilman and former mayor, Vincent Gray, held hands with Evans as the two spoke. This comes after three other council members demanded that Mendelson form an ad-oc ethics committee to investigate the allegations against Evans.

Mendelson introduced a formal reprimand Tuesday saying Evans "violated the council's code of conduct" when he used his office to email business proposals to potential employers.

Councilman David Grasso said Evans should be removed as chair of the powerful finance committee.

"He peddled influence with the finance and revenue chairmanship. He should no longer be in charge of that committee. It's no secret though that I've thought Councilmember Evans shouldn't be the chairman of that committee for many years," said Grasso.

Meanwhile, Councilman Gray pushed back.

"Well, the chairman hasn't recommended that and I'm supporting the chairman's recommendation at this point and that is a reprimand," said Gray.

The council is only one part of Evans; world of troubles right now. Federal officials issued subpoenas last fall on his business dealings with an electronic sign company and the Metro Board - where Evans is board president - has directed its own ethics officer to open up a review of the new allegations against him.