DC Council votes to remove Jack Evans as chairman of finance committee

WASHINGTON (FOX 5 DC) -- The DC Council voted to strip embattled councilmember Jack Evans of his chairmanship of the finance committee following a pivotal meeting Tuesday.

Evans is the subject of several ethical probes. Now, his troubles are mounting facing the loss of one of the most powerful positions on the DC Council.

Evans faces several ethical investigations by federal authorities for allegedly using his position on the council and Metro Board to solicit personal jobs. Evans told the council a Metro probe, cleared him when in fact it did not.

Chairman Phil Mendelson says Evans wasn't "accurate" in claiming Metro cleared him of ethics violations and is removing him as finance chairman.

"Technically, a penalty comes after an investigation. You can refer to this a safeguard and you can read into it as well as an admonishment, it's really more of a safeguard," said Mendelson.

Evans already resigned as chairman of Metro and his home was raided by the FBI several weeks ago. They are continuing their investigation of alleged influence-peddling by Evans for using his government positions for personal gain.

The DC Council also voted on the sports betting bill tonight. The sole-source sports betting contract as approved at 7-5 vote. While it was expected to pass, it was thrown into question because it was Evans who crafted the bill creating the sportsbook.

Councilmember David Grosso tells FOX 5 given Evans ethics questions, they need to hit pause.

"I think that's the appropriate move right now, just pause the whole thing. I, of course, have been saying from the beginning we should not move too fast on this debacle. I don' think it's good for the city for a number of reasons, but now here's another reason! Every time I turn around there's another reason, which is why we should slow down and do it the right way which is through competition," said Grosso.

In a statement on his own controversies, Evans said last night he'll accept whatever the council decides with "sadness and humility," and he may have to accept more than that. The council is also expected to hire a law firm to launch its own investigation into the councilman's ethical questions.