DC braces for new laws in 2019

The New Year means new laws in the District.

These new laws will impact how you drive, how you bike, and even how you drink.

Plastic straw ban

You'll be seeing fewer plastic straws with D.C. joining cities across the country that have banned them.

Restaurants will be allowed to use compostable straws - like those made of paper.

Businesses will be issued warnings until July when fines begin. The city says those will range from $100 to $800, but some could be even higher.

New speed limits

The speed limit will be reduced to 15 miles an hour on roads around D.C. schools, playgrounds, pools, athletic fields, recreation centers and senior centers.

The slowdown is part of Mayor Muriel Bowser's goal of zero traffic fatalities by 2024. That 15 miles per hour isn't just during school hours, it's from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. unless otherwise noted on posted signs.

Bike lane fines

Delivery truck drivers and Uber drivers who block bike lanes are in for a surprise as the fine has now increased from $65 to $150.

Fines for riding with headphones

If you're caught riding a bike with headphones covering both ears, you'll risk a $50 fine.

Right on red

Finally, turning right on red is something you'll be doing a lot less of in D.C. this year.

It will be prohibited at a hundred intersections where it's currently allowed. Signs will be installed starting next month and all signs will be in place by this summer.

Click here for a list of the impacted intersections.