DC boy loses fingers in fireworks accident

As July 4 approaches, we're learning that last week in the District, two boys suffered major injuries due to fireworks - with one of them losing fingers.

Fire officials say both kids injured were lighting cherry bombs.

Sources tell FOX 5 that on Sunday, a 9-year-old set off a cherry bomb inside his Southeast home and the incendiary device blew off three of the child's fingers.

A week ago, a 16-year-old severely injured his hand and burned his face and body, also in Southeast.

Cherry bombs are among the fireworks that are illegal in D.C. Fireworks stands are not allowed to sell fireworks that launch or explode.

Nevertheless, people are often able to obtain illegal fireworks, and injuries can be the end result.

Fire officials say:

-Never let children light fireworks

-Light fireworks at least 50 feet away from people and structures

-Have a bucket of water nearby

-Never try to relight a firework