DC barber making sanitary house calls for those who are self isolating

It’s getting rough out there for everyone.

Social distancing measures have forced a lot of people to miss out on haircut appointments.

But one man has set out to save people’s hairlines amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The hashtag #QuarantineHaircuts is making the rounds on social media.

Some have turned to cutting their own hair – with mixed results.

Barbershops and salons are considered non-essential – so a lot of people are trying to use clippers on their hair for the first time. And that's also leading to mixed results.

But Antonio Botticella is trying to alleviate that problem.

Botticella moved to the D.C. area from Italy 10 years ago to start his own barbershop – but he mostly does house calls out of his car.

He believes a nice haircut is just what people are looking for at a time like this – to feel normal again.

So he’s made some adjustments, and is currently taking house calls. And he’s taking all the necessary precautions too.

Botticella arrives at the client's house with a mask, gloves, and sanitized, one-use clippers.

And he’s going to keep making those calls as long as he can.