DC ATVs: Dirt bikes, four-wheelers swarm District, National Harbor

Nearly 100 riders on dirt bikes and four-wheelers put pedestrians in harm's way when they swarmed the District and National Harbor over the weekend.

Video posted to social media showed the all-terrain vehicles being ridden illegally on city streets and sidewalks Sunday afternoon.

"We will not meet reckless behavior with our own reckless behavior. We are a constitutional police department," Prince George County's Police Deputy Chief Christopher Murtha said. "We work within the framework of the law and we are smarter than these guys and it's our brains that will bring this to resolution. We will not go out there and chase these folks and do things that put us at risk and put citizens at greater risk."

Police said they believed it was the same group of riders that hit the streets of National Harbor and the District.

Prince George's County Police said the group put drivers and pedestrians in danger. Surveillance cameras at National Harbor captured the riders, but the head of security turned the footage over to police and declined to make the footage public.

"Don't think you just got away with it. We will be knocking on your door and we will be coming to see you shortly," Prince George County's Police Deputy Chief George Nichols Jr. said. "I would like to ask our citizens, our partners in the community, business partners to please contact us when you see those who engage in this malicious behavior."

Officials urged anyone with information that could aid detectives in their investigation to call 1-866-411-8477. Callers can remain anonymous.