DC-10 tanker used to fight AZ wildfire

Firefighters have help fighting the Tenderfoot Fire from the air. They've enlisted the help of a DC-10 air tanker to fight the wildfire.

"We carry 11,500 gallons of retardant," said John Price.

That's a whole lot of fire retardant. It takes about 30 minutes to refill the plane and then the giant bird takes off from Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport bound for Yarnell.

"What people don't understand is that there is a misconception that they put out fires, but they are there to slow down fires so ground crews can put them out," said Price.

It's a role that this retired jetliner has been extremely effective at.

"When we have structures threatened, communities threatened, we have those guys ready to rock and roll to go to those fires. It's an extremely effective piece of equipment available for us, we love having them here, they do a lot of really good work here," said Price.

The tanker travels to locations along the west coast. It takes about 40 minutes for the tanker to go from Mesa to Yarnell.