Dating website pairs men and women for travel dates

In the past three years, Heidy has been on almost 20 rendezvous blind dates around the world, thanks to a website called

Heidy is one of thousands of women on MissTravel who've setup dating profiles for free. Men pay $40 a month to access these potential romances.

Heidy says she's been on getaways, fully paid for by men she's found on the dating website.

"It's something that feeds my adrenaline," Heidy said, adding she's lost track of how many trips she's been on.

But if a match gets made on MissTravel the big question is: who's paying? The options are: 50/50, she pays, or he pays.

Heidy prefers the men pay 100 percent.

Travelers on the website go to Dubai, Thailand, Kuwait, Europe, and the Caribbean - but they don't want to go alone.

The website contends travel is a great barometer for compatibility.

"When you're traveling, you're out of your comfort zone. You're put into situations that you have to figure out outside of your bubble," explained Hannah Dela Cruz.

Heidy says she wants to fall in love one day, but right now, she's enjoying life as it comes. Sometimes she asks for separate bedrooms, and says it's always clear that there should be no expectations either way.

"I like to go with the flow and let things fall into place," Heidy said.

She said about a quarter of her blind dates have led to intimacy. She also insists no money is ever exchanged.

"I'm not an escort. I make that clear," Heidy said. "I am looking for somebody. I do wish to fall in love. I get emotional when I talk about it, but yeah, I want to meet somebody, you know?"

Before Heidy accepts a blind date, she does extensive background checks on the guys, Facetimes with them for several weeks, and always gives family and friends a detailed copy of her itinerary.

Hannah Dela Cruz said Heidy is an example of how to make great, safe connections on the site.

"MissTravel really recommends that all of our members do not share a room on their first trip with somebody else," she explained.