Daniel Snyder refusing to accept subpoena, House committee says

Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder has so far refused to accept a congressional subpoena

The House Oversight Committee had intended to speak with him this week after Snyder and his lawyer were unavailable during last week's hearing with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell due to a scheduling conflict

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Snyder is wanted for questioning in regard to the NFL's toxic workplace investigation on the Commanders' workplace. 

Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder declines to testify at hearing on misconduct allegations

The committee said Monday they are not willing to give Snyder "special treatment." 

In a statement to FOX 5, a spokesperson for the committee said, "Mr. Snyder has so far refused to accept service of the Committee’s subpoena. While the Committee has been, and remains, willing to consider reasonable accommodations requested by witnesses, we will not tolerate attempts to evade service of a duly authorized subpoena or seek special treatment not afforded to other witnesses who testified in this matter. The Committee will not be deterred from obtaining Mr. Snyder’s testimony, and we remain committed to ensuring transparency about the toxic workplace culture at the Washington Commanders and the NFL’s inadequate response."

A source close to Snyder on Monday said, "Mr. Snyder has not refused to appear for a deposition. The Committee offered only one date – June 30 – and Mr. Snyder’s attorney is out of the country and unavailable on that date. Mr. Snyder's lawyer has provided alternative dates to the Committee and looks forward to finding a path forward for Mr. Snyder's further cooperation and to address remaining due process concerns… For that reason and because many of the due process concerns have yet to be addressed, Dan's lawyer could not accept service." 

"Dan's lawyers were in touch with the committee on Friday and throughout the weekend trying to set up a call to discuss a path forward for additional cooperation and to address the remaining due process concerns," the source added.

Commanders Dan Snyder will not testify before US House committee, new letter reiterates

After last week's hearing was adjourned, a spokesperson for Snyder released the following statement: 

"It is clear the outcome of the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into the Washington Commanders was predetermined from the beginning. The committee’s decision to release a ‘report’ and introduce legislation prior to the hearing is proof-positive this was always going to be little more than a politically-charged show trial, not about uncovering the truth. Hopefully, the committee will utilize its resources going forward for more pressing national matters, instead of an issue a football team addressed years ago."