Dad-daughter 'dates' turned into monthly tradition for the pair

A dad takes out his little girl on monthly 'dates' to show her how to be treated.

The bond between a daughter and father is so special. And one Vancouver dad is showing the internet exactly why!

In a heartwarming viral tweet from his wife, Caitlin Fladager, she posted the pair getting ready for their date-- which has become their special monthly tradition!

The caption read:

"Every month this year, my husband has taken our daughter out on "dates". He brings her home flowers, helps her pick out a dress, and takes her out to split a dessert with him. It's become a tradition."

Not only does he show up with flowers but he helps pick out her outfit. We're not crying, you are-- along with the rest of the internet!

People without kids are already planning for their future!

"Wow I'm so ready for this in life with my future hubby."

And for some who may not have kids, but do have little sisters, have tried to start their tradition...

'I tried to do this with my sister... Couldn't afford to do it every month though"

And for many, it truly hit home!

"I love to hear stories like this! I have a daddy's girl who is going to be 19. They have a bond like no other. I wish every girl could have a dad like our husbands. It really does make a huge difference in their lives."

"my dad used to this for me too 😭😭 it rlly helped set a standard for men and how i want to be treated by ANYONE and instill those values at a young age!"

'My grandpa and I would have "quiet time" when I'd sleep over. Id wear my grandma's hats and shawls and we'd share a snack on the quiet kitchen floor..."