Cyclists, family honor US Diplomat killed In Bethesda with memorial bike ride

In Montgomery County, a long time US diplomat with the State Department who was killed while riding her bicycle is being remembered and honored.

Just last month, Sarah Langenkamp was hit by a flatbed truck on river road in Bethesda, Maryland while biking home.

Family, friends, co-workers, and cyclists in the community gathering at the Bethesda Metro Kiss and Ride for a Memorial Group Bike Ride through the Capital Crescent trail at 10:15 am. Langenkamp was also honored with a ghost bike. That means this white bike with pink flowers that says, "a bicyclist was killed here" is now locked to a street sign near the crash site. 

Before the tragedy, Sarah and her husband, Dan Langenkamp, were evacuated to the DC area from Ukraine. Mr. Langenkamp says it’s tough to think she would’ve been safer braving airstrikes in Kviv than riding a bike on the streets of Bethesda.

"Mother’s Day for us will be another small funeral," Dan Langenkamp, Sarah Langenkamp’s Husband. "The impact of this crash, this death, not just on me, but on so many others is so hard to take in right now. I do not know how I will continue working as a professional and as a single dad."

Sarah’s loved ones have already raised more than 100-thousand dollars for bike safety improvements in the area.

"I just wanted to say that since now we all have a giant hole in the hearts – if we all work together and keep doing what she would’ve done – I think we can fill in that whole with everybody else’s love and support – I really think we can fill back that hole," said Oliver Langenkamp, Sarah Langenkamp’s son.