"I didn't believe it at first:" Anne Arundel server reacts to $2K tip left days before new restrictions start

A server and restaurant manager in Annapolis says it was a dream come true when a customer left a $2,020 tip ahead of a county order that closes indoor and outdoor dining.

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The tip was left at Evelyn’s in West Annapolis on Saturday and the bill was only for a total of $33.92. The customer, who the restaurant says is a regular, even wrote a nice note on the receipt telling the staff good luck and to stay safe.

The customer left before the server and restaurant manager could say thank you, but they want her to know they appreciate her generosity during their difficult times.

“I didn’t believe it at first," says server Lauren Jewel. "We were like we need to check the decimal point and make sure it’s the $2,020. We confirmed that. Me and her started sarcastically laughed and then we started looking at the lady where she was because she had left so it kind of transpired throughout the day realizing what was happening and how grateful we were that happened.”

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Jewel says she will be saving the money. As for her co-worker, she tells FOX 5 the money is taking a huge load of stress off of her since she will be out of work for the next month or so.

The order that closes indoor and outdoor dining starts Wednesday at 5 p.m. The order has prompted an outpouring of support for the restaurant industry.