Customer angry after finding N-word on receipt from DC carryout

A customer at a Northeast D.C. restaurant got more than he paid for last week after he says he found the "N-word" listed as his name on the receipt and now he wants to know why.

Brandon Hart says he eats at Eddie's Takeout all the time. Last Friday night, his order contained something he never thought he'd see. He says his order came with a receipt with the "N-word" clearly written where his name should be.

"How can you write that word unintentionally and then print it?" said Hart.

Customers outside of Eddie's Tuesday night were appalled.

"It's something that we go through every day as far as minorities and just… I don't know... man, it's just unfortunate but I don't think I'll be eating there I switched my diet up anyway," one man told FOX 5.

The owner, Yung Lan, said an employee wrote down a nickname the customer provided.

Meanwhile, Hart said he never told anyone to call him the racial slur.

"You know, I don't know what's that word. They write that maybe they speak.. 'n-i-g-g-e-r.' The customer tells, and we write down like that," said Lan. "They call in order, we write down there."

Hart says he's extremely upset with the incident and hopes the racial climate will change moving forward.

"People need to be more educated. Not just white people and black people. Just people in general," said Hart.

After some time, the store owner did apologize for the incident saying it won't happen again.