CuddleCot gives parents time with stillborn baby

Losing a child is devastating for any parent and it can be especially tough for mothers that lost a baby during childbirth, but a valley group is working to help parents cope in a unique way.

The CuddleCot is a special cooling device placed inside the bassinet. It allows parents to spend precious time with their deceased baby before saying goodbye. One valley group is fundraising for devices for hospitals right here in the valley.

Aviva Maidman lost her first child, Zamira, when she was just 4 months old. Her horrific loss was amplified by a rushed, painful goodbye.

"There have been very, very traumatic stories of separation from their dead child, so whether it was by police officers saying we need to talk to you right now, whether it was by nurses taking their baby away in a box," said Maidman.

Spending time with a deceased or stillborn baby is an essential part of bereavement. British company Flexmort is helping with that process through a device called the CuddleCot.

"What it is is a cooling device that helps to refrigerate the bassinet that the child lays in and what that does is delays the composition, so the parents can spend a little bit more time grieving the loss of their loved one," explained Abigail Spahich, who met Maidman through their Midnight Mammacitas group.

The group is raising money to buy CuddleCots for several Banner Hospitals. Spahich says that Banner Desert alone sees an average of nine infant losses each month.

"It's actually new technology and that's why not many hospitals have it because there's a lot of training that goes into it on behalf of the nurses and they have to be skilled to use it," she said.

Each device costs about $2,800. An investment that could be life-changing for grieving valley families.

"These CuddleCots allow a parent to sit with their baby for up to three days and really process that the baby is dead. They get to spend time with them, they get to get pictures and memories with their baby, which across the board is undeniably important for the grieving process," said Maidman.

The Midnight Mammacitas group hopes to raise enough money for each Banner Valley hospital to have two CuddleCot devices. If they surpass their goal, they'll use the money to help buy CuddleCots for other valley hospitals.

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