Court documents: Suspect admitted to 'Black Hat Bandits' bank robberies

There are new developments in the investigation of a string of bank robberies made by the suspects dubbed as the "Black Hat Bandits."

FOX 5 has learned one of the two gunmen arrested for holding up a D.C. bank in March has admitted to the eight "Black Hat Bandit" robberies in Maryland and Virginia since the beginning of the year, according to court documents.

The confession comes from a 66-year-old man described by the FBI as a career bank robber.

Authorities say Thomas Anthony George robbed a Wells Fargo Bank on March 13 on Connecticut Avenue in Northwest D.C.

The FBI says George was dressed in a dark jacket, sunglasses, gloves and a mask. It is a look we have seen many times before at previous holdups across the region.

Investigators say he was armed with a handgun and told the bank teller three times: "Give me the money or I'm going to kill a customer." The 66-year-old is accused of getting away with more than $9,000.

However, law enforcement spotted the getaway car 30 minutes later in Southeast D.C. and investigators arrested George and another man.

According to newly-released court documents needed for a search warrant , George admitted to the March 13th robbery and eight others in Virginia and Maryland dating as far back as January 2.

Authorities say George and his accomplice always wore disguises. The robberies were also violent with guns drawn and threatening demands for cash.

The banks lost about $80,000 in the series of "Black Hat Bandit" robberies.

Investigators are only connecting a second suspect, 37-year-old Dewitt Hall, as an accomplice in the last robbery on Connecticut Avenue.

George has been convicted of three other bank robberies in our region from 1988 to 1999. He was released from federal prison in November of 2013.