Court documents: Metrobus hijacking suspect smoked K2, PCP before fatal crash

Court documents say a man accused of hijacking a Metrobus and fatally striking a pedestrian with the vehicle on Tuesday had smoked K2 and PCP before the crash. The court affidavit filed in the case says the suspect, Keith Loving, admitted to the drug use after the crash.

The affidavit also says Loving brought the bus to a stop at a Crown gas station before hitting and killing Anthony Payne.

In court on Wednesday, Loving appeared unhappy to be standing before the judge as the prosecutor told the judge about the crime. The 30-year-old has been charged with second-degree murder. When the judge told Loving he would be held without bond, Loving asked, "You mean I can't go home?"

The affidavit filed in the case says the 40-year-old victim was taking out the trash at the gas station when Loving struck him with the Metrobus and pinned him against a dumpster and under the front left wheel of the bus. Police say Loving was sitting in the driver's seat of the bus and was refusing to get out for ten minutes before they used pepper spray on him.

As Loving was trying to drive forward over a curb, two witnesses successfully pulled Payne out from under the wheel before police were able to get to the suspect.

The affidavit also says before Payne was struck, the bus driver fought with Loving and was able to take away a pair of needle nose pliers Loving had as a weapon before Loving pushed the driver off the bus and drove away. When Loving got on the bus, he was wearing a ski mask pulled down just beneath his eyes and was breathing heavily before attacking the driver.

There were only four passengers on the bus at the time of the hijacking and they were all able to get off the vehicle unharmed. Sanicra Boyle came onto the scene after Payne was hit and described what she saw with FOX 5.

"I think that if you were here and you saw what happened, he wasn't giving us ample enough time to slide this man away," Boyle said. "I think the curb was the only reason that he stopped because he continued to run this man over forward and backwards six times. I saw him going forward and then backwards, like over the top of his body."

Boyle told us she came face to face with the suspect.

"He was smiling the whole time," she said. "It was scary. If we would have went in the front of that bus, he was going to get anybody who went in front of that bus."

According to Boyle, there were a lot of people attempting to help pull the victim from under the bus after he was hit.

Loving has a long criminal history with several arrests that include possession of PCP and possession of a BB gun. He was on probation when he was arrested on Tuesday.

Loving is scheduled to return to court for a preliminary hearing on May 26.