Couple who battled cancer together ties knot

A New Jersey couple tied the knot over the weekend, proving to us all to never give up and always follow our dreams.

Ashley Wood and Kevin Sochanchak have been through a lot together. They've each battled cancer and now they plan to live together forever.

The couple got married on Saturday in Deptford Township, New Jersey. Dressed in her beautiful wedding gown, Wood walked down the aisle to her awaiting husband to be.

Their wedding day was made possible after they won an all-expenses paid wedding from the owners of Adelphia restaurants. They had planned to get married years ago, but the wedding plans were derailed.

In 2011, Wood was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and three years later, Sochanchak was diagnosed with stage four stomach and esophageal cancer.

Sochanchak was only given six months to live, but has outlived doctors expectations.

Following years of cancer therapies, the two finally lived out their dream of getting married.

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