UMB holds panel to address concerns about counterfeit Ozempic

Concerns about the weight loss drug Ozempic are dominating headlines.

Via insurance or direct purchase, Ozempic is making headlines nationwide and people are flocking to pharmacies to pick up the new drug often being used for weight loss.

On Monday, the University of Maryland, Baltimore held a panel to address trends and concerns surrounding the newly popular drug. 

Now, questions and concerns are being raised regarding impacts on pregnant people, potential uses for other conditions and concerns over counterfeit products.

"A lot of people can essentially go online and still have a short telehealth appointment, and they may be able to just purchase these pens that look very similar to the brand name Ozempic products," said Masha Yemets, a pharmacist with the University of Maryland, Baltimore. 

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Medical leaders at the University of Maryland, Baltimore say the use of these products including Ozempic are here to stay.

At a virtual panel, there were growing concerns about counterfeit products that are reportedly inundating the market.

Fake Ozempic is reportedly surging, and the medical community is hoping to get the word out about it and the counterfeit drug often looks like the real thing, including the packaging.

FOX 5 is told that oftentimes, it may be insulin or even concoctions that could have no effect or potentially be deadly. That's why health officials are sounding the alarm and warning consumers to be careful.