Councilmember introduces crime bill to address DC's rise in violent crime

A new crime bill heading to the D.C. Council aims to crack down on crime.

It’s called the "Secure D.C. Plan." 

When the D.C. Council tried to re-write the D.C. criminal code in March, both Democrats and Republicans, along with President Joe Biden took the step to eliminate the bill, because critics – including the mayor – said it was soft on crime. 

Now, Councilmember Brooke Pinto says she’s looking to take "urgent and targeted action to address public safety."

Monday morning, Pinto introduced the "Secure D.C. Plan" ahead of a public hearing with D.C.'s Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety. The package builds on the emergency legislation that she worked on with Mayor Muriel Bowser that the council passed in July. That crime bill is set to expire after 90 days, on October 18. 

The "Secure D.C. Plan" targets increasing accountability for violent crime and gun offenses, boosting law enforcement hiring and retention challenges and improving infrastructure at schools and recreational facilities.

"What I’m focused on is the here and now, what we can do now to intervene and prevent crime and violence. It’s why I’m focused on accountability measures prevention measures and supporting our government hiring needs for our whole public safety apparatus," said Pinto.