Councilmember 'extremely disappointed' in DC police's response investigating NE home burglary

A D.C. couple frustrated with the lack of response from police after their home was burglarized of thousands of dollars' worth of electronics is now starting to see the response they were hoping for.

The pair said they were able to track their stolen computer using a phone app that directed them to Howard County in Maryland. But when they gave the information to investigators, they said police did not provide them the help they needed.

Our exclusive story appears to have hit a nerve with police and other residents in this Northeast D.C. neighborhood are demanding answers from police and the city after four houses have recently been broken into along this short block.

One day after our story aired, detectives and a forensic officer were at Bill Daniels and Bobby Bain's Edgewood home Wednesday morning. They contacted FOX 5 and were frustrated that police were doing little to investigate the crime at their home. Thieves kicked in their basement door and got away with two iMac computers, two large flat screen televisions, an iPad and a TAG Heuer watch.

Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie saw our story.

"I was extremely disappointed to hear the response that these victims received from [the Metropolitan Police Department]," he said.

McDuffie is chairman of the committee that has oversight of police. He can't understand how residents were told to hunt for their stolen computer and car themselves.

"It's extremely troubling," said McDuffie. "Obviously, no victim who has already been through that type of event should have to suffer even more to hear that type of response from law enforcement."

FOX 5 also learned these crimes are happening more and more. Criminals are kicking in rear doors and cleaning out all the valuables inside. Along Evarts Street, residents who have lived here for decades say break-ins have never happened here until recently.

Back at Daniels and Bain's house on Wednesday, officers spent hours collecting evidence and promised the couple they would contact Howard County police where their computer and car may have been taken.

Councilmember McDuffie wishes this would have been done in the first place.

He said he spoke with the assistant police chief and she said patrols will be stepped up here in the Stronghold and Edgewood neighborhoods.