Councilmember Charles Allen wants to crack down on dangerous driving in the District

D.C. Councilmember Charles Allen held a public roundtable on dangerous driving that went on for more than six hours Tuesday. 

The discussion via Zoom took place one day after the woman charged in the Rock Creek Parkway crash that killed three people was arrested. 

The incident was at the top of the agenda. 

Allen discussed legislation he introduced on traffic enforcement, how to change driver behavior, and how to accomplish both in a way that’s equitable.


DC woman arrested, charged with murder in deadly Rock Creek Parkway crash that killed 3

United States Park Police arrested the driver involved in a deadly March 15 crash on Rock Creek Parkway.

Allen’s team says they’re focused on holding drivers with dangerous behaviors accountable.

Nakita Walker, the woman U.S. Park Police arrested Monday for her involvement in the fatal crash on Rock Creek Parkway, is one of those drivers the council member is targeting. 

The Lexus SUV she was driving has more than 40 unpaid tickets — totaling more than $12,000 — and many of the violations are for speeding.

Many believe the current policies in place need an update to prevent what happened on Rock Creek Parkway from happening again.