Contractor hired to clean up goose poop at Largo Town Center Metro

Metro workers have cleaned up what was a nasty walk for some Prince George’s County riders. 

FOX 5 viewer Diana Sow Carter alerted us to the problem Tuesday: excessive goose poop lining the sidewalk leading up to the Largo Town Center Station. The situation caused riders to walk in the roadway instead of on the sidewalk.

“I contacted Metro several times,” said Carter. “I emailed, I called, I sent the same pictures that I submitted to FOX.” 

On Wednesday, Carter let us know the sidewalk had been cleaned.

Metro said crews cleaned and scraped the sidewalk Wednesday and would be back out Wednesday night and Thursday with additional equipment. A spokesman told FOX 5 that Metro would start washing weekly or more often as needed and “have a contractor looking at feasibility of more permanent solutions.”

Carter said she’s not looking for the geese to be removed.

“I can’t say that I hate the geese, they’re part of nature,” she said Tuesday. “It’s at least for Metro to clean up at least once a week. Don’t let the defecation pile up.”

Canadian geese are a protected species so they can’t be removed.