Connecticut town tries to dry baseball field faster by pouring gasoline on it and set it on fire

RIDGEFIELD, Conn. (FOX 10) -- For some reason, workers at one Connecticut town decided that setting a baseball field on fire would dry the field out in a quicker manner.

According to a post made on the town's unverified Facebook page on Saturday, the town's high school was due to hold a baseball game at a ballpark that morning, but it was delayed due to weather conditions. That's when, according to town officials, a "poor decision" was made to "dry the field quicker" by pouring 24 gallons of gasoline and set it on fire.

Video captured by Twitter user NortonAmityTeacher shows the fire.

The fire was later put out by firefighters. As for the field, town officials say the infield will have to be excavated to remove dirt that was contaminated by gasoline. The contaminated dirt will be placed into a safe container, and fresh, clean soil will be added to the field. The field may be closed for a week due to the need for additional testing.

Ridgefield is located near the Connecticut-New York State border. According to Google Maps, it is about 55 miles (~88.51km) away from Manhattan in New York City.

FOX 10 reported on this story from Phoenix.