Community steps up to help Arlington Irish Pub after fiery car crash

The scene outside Ireland's Four Courts is quieter compared to Friday night when a driver crashed into the restaurant.

"It's very surreal, we are just processing everything right now," said Dave Cahill.

He's one of the managing partners at Ireland's Four Courts.

Cahill is still trying to process how a car ended up in the middle of his restaurant sending more than 9 people to the hospital, and injuring 6 others.

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As of Saturday, we are told two of those patients are in critical condition and a third person is in serious but stable condition.

"It's just devastation," adds Cahill.

Around 6:45 p.m. on Friday night the restaurant was in flames after Arlington County police say a car heading north on Courthouse Road crashed into the pub on Wilson Blvd.

"The car entered on the right side of the restaurant and took out the front door. The front wall. It took that out," Cahill explains.

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We now know that the person behind the wheel is an Uber driver who had a passenger in the car. They were both taken to the hospital.

Cahill also confirms that three of his employees were treated for non-life-threatening injuries as well.

Pedestrians walking on Wilson couldn't help but to stop and take a peek through the window to see what's left.

Inside the dining room you'll find ash on tables and chairs, a burnt flat screen TV and debris all over the dining area where people were drinking and eating.

"The people that were injured yesterday are regular customers and they've been with us to celebrate so many happy occasions. Our mind right now is with them and their families," said Cahill.

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Credit: Jake Denton

While the team at Ireland's Four Courts figures out what's next, the community is stepping up to help rebuild.

"This is a second home to many of us who want to catch a game, catch a beer, catch up with friends and celebrate a lot of the major moments in life," said Michael De Robbio.

De Robbio and others in the community started a fundraiser that reached over $20,000 in less than 24 hours.

"It's incumbent upon us as frequent patrons and diners to really help these people who have really helped this place become a home," he says.

Cahills says he's grateful for a community that comes together in these times.

"We appreciate it. We are very humbled by all the support. It means so much to us. It's great to have that during this hard time," said Cahill.

Police say building engineers did evaluate the restaurant and determined it was structurally sound during the time of the crash.

To donate to the fundraiser, click here.